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Singer, Songwriter, and Performer

Live Riveted, Airstream, Share Your StoryDominique Pruitt is a singer, songwriter, and performer- Which she can't even fathom consider calling a day job! "It’s cliché, but so true what they say- when you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life" says Dominique. Her day to day routine is constantly changing, which she loves because she gets sick of monotony. Some days she writes music with her dad, who’s also a musician and usual songwriting partner. Some days it's rehearse with the band. Some days, she gets all dolled up and does promo shoots or interviews. Some days consist of scouring flea markets or vintage stores for new outfits to wear for shows. Some days result in an escape to Palm Springs for a bit to kick my inspiration into high gear. And on her favorite days, she gets dolled up (again) and hits the stage for a show!  

Being onstage performing, or in the studio recording are probably on the top of her list for loving what her job entails. She thrives on the energy of the crowd, or even off of her own excitement in the vocal booth. Recently, she got to record her debut album. When asked how she feels about it, she replies "I’m still pinching myself that after dreaming about it my whole life, I have an album coming out this year!" But after a long day of rehearsing, writing or doing any of that, she still thinks it’s great to come home and make a delicious meal and unwind while hanging out with her pets. She completely enjoys every aspect of her unusual day job, and thinks her life is pretty awesome. 

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