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Away we go: a family's new life on the road

Share Your Story, Airstream LifestyleEveryone has those days. You’re at work, or at school, and you’d rather be anywhere else. The window is a lifeline – you can see the line of trees on the horizon, calling to you. Or maybe it’s just a road, the interstate or a state highway, carrying car after truck after trailer to someplace more fun, more interesting than here.

What if you could just…go? Sell the house, sell your belongings, and get in your Airstream and see what’s out there? You can, if you ask Josh and Jessa Works. Because along with their little boy Jack, they did. In this video from Whole Foods’ Dark Rye magazine, you can see the result.

The Works started out travelling to find a new place to live, but pretty soon they found that wasn’t really what any of them wanted. They wanted to free themselves from the constraints of typical modern life for good. So, once they started driving, they didn’t stop. Josh can work from home – he’s a web developer – and with a few other inventive adjustments, they meet all their needs without being tied down by a place. It takes creative parenting, inventive work practices, and just living uniquely. To them, it’s worth it.

Why? They asked a simple question, one that you can ask too: how much of your life did you choose? And how much was locked into place by chasing that bigger house, that nicer car, that prestigious title? 

For Josh and Jessa, the answer was “too much.” Their new life fits them better. They have the time they always wanted, time to be able to get outside and be a part of their surroundings rather than just being present. They don’t live any one place, they live everywhere – and they try to treat every new place like it’s home, rather than seeing things like a tourist.

But more than anything else, it allows Jack to have experiences that most kids, and really most people, never get. It feeds his imagination and gives him a different kind of education than the one you get in preschool. And for a parent, what’s more fun than getting to watch your child discover the world around him?

You don’t have to settle down if you don’t want. You don’t have to settle for a life that you don’t want. If you think outside the box, you can create a life like Josh, Jessa, and Jack have – one that fits you.

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