Highlands or Lowlands, An Airstream Still Shines

Posted by Maxwell Burton on Thu, Mar 10, 2011 @ 09:43 AM

March 11, 2011 | by Becky Blanton

Trailer 1When Gordon Donaldson wasn’t holidaying in his native Scotland, he and his wife Angela spent time in the U.S., where a certain shiny highway icon caught his eye. “We admired these iconic Airstream trailers for years. We'd dream of taking a few months off and touring along the highways from Maine to Washington. We had a boring white-box caravan in Scotland and still had some great adventures in our home country. However, we found out that we could purchase a European spec Airstream and that's when everything really began,” said Donaldson.

“Everything” in Donaldson’s case was the purchase of 2010 Airstream International 534 for the couple’s old-country traveling pleasures. But that purchase was just the beginning: Donaldson now owns TrailerFlash, which rents a 534 out for excursions all over the island. “We wanted to share this experience and let others enjoy Scotland—the scenery, castles, restaurants—in the comfort of a silver bullet. Whether driving an hour away—golfing in St Andrews—or 10 hours away—walking in the romantic Isle of Skye—the Airstream experience is superb,” says Donaldson.

Though the company has only been in business for a few months, their customers are enthralled. As one of their site testimonials stated: “Wow, as cool inside as out. Chilled out all week in the great outdoors with all the comforts of a luxury pad.” And luxury pad it is, though the Donaldsons haven’t made any modifications to the trailer, which already includes items like a flat-panel TV and leather-upholstered lounge area. They do provide luxuriant bedding, outdoor furniture, and a generous welcome pack that includes a selection of Scottish delicacies including wine, local cheeses, shortbread, and as Donaldson says, “…and of course a fine dram of Scottish whisky from the local distillery to hopefully set the mood for a great vacation!”

The site advertises “bespoke itineraries,” where the company provides advice and bookings for local restaurants and special venues like distillery visits. One of the more striking Airstream vacations that could be had through TrailerFlash would have to be a trip to one of Scotland’s fascinating and beautiful islands. Some, like Skye, are famous and others like Mull and Harris not so much, but all are splendid. Most of those trips would require a ferry ride, which of course the company arranges, at an additional cost. Depending on the season, a weekly rental would be around $1,250 in U.S. dollars, with delivery costs extra. The company delivers the trailer to the agreed site, and doesn’t allow towing by renters.



Being the only Airstream rental service in Scotland doesn’t mean the Donaldsons will be resting on their laurels. They intend to have a range of Airstream models available as they move into the year. Donaldson knows they’ve got a good thing going: “Airstreams are just a totally unique American design. Our customers love the luxury inside and the way the silver bullets turn heads.”

It’s probably just as well that the renters don’t drive the trailers, with the temptation of that wee dram available. Heads will be turning, and happily so.

Get complete info on TrailerFlash rentals at http://www.trailerflash.co.uk/