Airstream Maintains Gold-Level Green Certification

Posted by Karen Kist on Fri, Apr 26, 2013 @ 09:00 AM

AirstreamAirstream has a commitment to sustainability and managing our impact on the environment. In addition to providing owners with a unique blend of comfort, utility, and durability, Airstream is “Certified Green” by TRA. The status is highly coveted in the recreational vehicle industry and shows that vehicle owners can enjoy travel while limiting their adverse effect on the outdoors.

The certification process is an intense, detailed evaluation of manufacturing processes, materials, and facilities, and Airstream held up well against even the toughest scrutiny. To be certified as green, a company must prove that it uses healthy and reliable methods and materials that minimize environmental impact. 

What are the standards for “green” certification? The checklist for certification includes six core areas:

  • Resource Efficiency: use of sustainable materials, waste reduction, recycling of materials, and overall efficient use of resources
  • Energy Efficiency: effective monitoring, design, and construction including generation of energy through clean sources
  • Water Efficiency: use of water with minimal waste via efficient appliances
  • Indoor Environmental Quality: ventilation, limiting volatile organic compound content
  • Operation and Maintenance: extent to which green features are maximized, through use and education of green processes and materials
  • Innovative Practices: new processes or methods that increase green capability and performance

Airstream outperformed the industry standard for excellence and obtained gold certification in 2010. This certification shows that Airstream makes great design and premium quality a priority while still affording owners the same comfort and style they have come to expect.

As Airstream founder Wally Byam said, “let’s not make changes, let’s only make improvements.” Airstream operates and interacts with our community by adhering to this standard of excellence. We offer legendary durability while promoting an adventurous spirit and maintaining a high standard of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Being green is important for many reasons. First of all, it allows Airstream to work more efficiently, producing the same high-quality products while minimizing cost. Additionally, it is more important than ever to treat our resources and environment with care. Airstream has always enabled vehicle owners to live adventurous lifestyles full of freedom. By making a commitment to these high standards for quality and sustainability, we show that we care about our consumers.

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