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A Trip Back In (Trailer) Time

Starlux 1

January 15, 2011 | by Rich Luhr

If you haven’t stayed in the Starlux Hotel in Wildwood, NJ, or in one of the hotel’s two Airstream trailers, you might want to book a room soon. The complex will be undergoing some major changes, and the Airstreams may be relocated. Starlux Hotel Manager Gordon Clark says the company plans to keep the trailers at the site, but they’re not sure if the set-up will be the same.

An Airstream At Burning Man


January 15, 2011 | by Rich Luhr

What better place to enjoy a “post-apocalyptic utopia” than in an Airstream? And not just any old Airstream (though they all have their charms), but a 2007 Design Within Reach (DWR) model, the 16” gleamer gussied by the designer/architect Christopher Deam. The DWR has all manner of tricked-out touchpoints, including a designer coatrack and a Nelson ball clock.

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