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Airstream Land Yacht Concept close to Wally Byam’s heart

Airstream Land Yacht

There’s always been a close connection between Airstream and the ocean, and that connection was born from the very beginnings of our company. Wally Byam was an avid camper and hiker, and that’s part of what led him to build the first Airstream trailer – but his spirit of exploration and his self-sufficiency in the wilds were both conceived from his love of the ocean. 

The Path of a Pacific NW Social Media Road Show


March 19, 2013 | by Airstream, Inc.

Monica Bennett writes a travelogue based around her non-stop outdoor adventures and culinary discoveries in the Pacific Northwest all while traveling in her Airstream travel trailer. Her recent excursion went from the top of Mt. Constitution in the San Juan Islands to the high desert in stunning Oregon to some of the finest ski resorts in the Pacific Northwest. Her travelogue, Just 5 More Minutes (“J5MM”), keeps her busy traveling, photographing and writing about inspirational people, the great outdoors, and culinary adventures in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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